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Welcome to Ndlovu Learning!

Ndlovu Learning - Hezel & Dustin on a Hike
This is us on a hike!

We are super excited you are here and that we are able to tell you a little about who we are, why we created Ndlovu Learning, how our products can help your young children and, finally, what our name means!

Who We Are

Our names are Hezel and Dustin and we are a husband and wife team that has been married since 2015! Hezel loves teaching young children has been a Pre-School Teacher for three years. She is also working on her Early Education Degree and will be graduating within a couple years.

Dustin has a knack for woodworking and loves to create and build all sorts of things. The two of us started a business in 2019 where we build high-quality, hand-made, wooden yard games like cornhole, giant jenga, lawn dice, and much, much more. This business is called Garness Games and you should totally check it out here: GarnessGames.com.

100s Board - Custom Dice Game
The children created their own game with this 100s board. They would roll the die, count the dots on the die, and then move the marble the same number of dots on the board.

As Hezel started learning more and more about teaching young people the basic foundations of learning she also learned that she really liked much of the Montessori method of teaching. As she learned about many of the tools and techniques used in this method of education, we realized we could probably make most of them ourselves!

With that realization, we started developing a line of toys and early education literacy tools based entirely on what Hezel needed for her classroom of preschoolers. We are continually perfecting our designs and developing new and better Montessori style learning tools for young learners!

Why We Created Ndlovu Learning

Ndlovu Learning is a passion project that we have turned into a business. The primary reason we started building early learning and literacy tools was to help Hezel be the greatest preschool teacher possible to her students. We really believe that getting kids off to a good start is vitally important to their future educational careers.

We also realized that the foundational elements of learning and literacy are often not taught well or in ways that are easy for students to understand and manipulate on their own. All of this lead us to develop our own line of Montessori style learning tools both for use in Hezel’s classrooms, to share with friends and family, and to make available for other teachers and parents who value the importance of hands-on learning for their children.

The Goal of Ndlovu Learning

Our goal with Ndlovu Learning is to provide anyone who plays a part in a young child’s education (parents, teachers, grandparents, daycares, babysitters, etc.) with the tools, resources, and knowledge to easily teach them the building blocks of literacy and education.

Letter Building Pieces - At Table
These learners are using our Letter Building Pieces to construct the letters they see on their cards. This activity helps them to think about the actual strokes and shapes that they use when construction letters with their pencil.

Even more, we want those tools and resources to be hands on, interactive, and customizable so they can be used over and over again without the children getting board of them.

Ndlovu Learning Name

The word Ndlovu (pronounced n-d-low-voo) is actually Hezel’s maiden name! She is originally from South Africa and Ndlovu is the Xhosa word for elephant! Elephants are some of the smartest animals in the world with an incredible memory and Ndlovu Learning just sounds good. So, it was a natural fit!

So, that’s a little about us and Ndlovu Learning. If you have any questions about us, Ndlovu Learning, or anything else, drop us a comment below!

All the best,

Hezel & Dustin


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