1-10 Counting Board


This beautiful Red Oak 1-10 Counting Board will teach young learners how to recognize and write the numbers 1-10. It will also allow them to visualize each number and do basic mathematics such as addition and subtraction.


This 1-10 Counting Board helps young learners learn about numbers in multiple ways.

First, the actual numbers of 1-10 are carved into the wood so they can visually see what each number looks like.

Second, the number can be traced with their finger, other objects and writing utensils, or the wooden “pencil” that comes with all of our boards to learn how to physically form the letter.

Third, above each number is a physical representation of that number so the learner can visually and physically see how the numbers relate to one another.

Finally, once the young learner knows the numbers, they can begin to use the boards to help them visually and physically learn addition and subtraction!

The board can be made from solid Red Oak or Pine and finished with a food grade mineral oil commonly used for cutting boards to ensure it is child-safe.

Our products are made to order and ship within 2-3 weeks from the date of purchase.

Additional information

Dimensions 15 × 8.5 × .75 in

Red Oak, Pine

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